About us

The Cave Rescue Baden-Württemberg is an independent rescue organisation formed to help people in an emergency arising in any of the many caves or subterranean cavities in a low cost and effective way.
Several accidents in the past showed the need for an organization that specialises in the rescues from the extreme conditions found in caves.
Despite deployment of fire brigade, emergency services (THW), mountain rescue and the Red Cross, it was finally members of the caving community who rescued their colleagues.
The cave rescue Baden-Württemberg e.V. was founded in 1985 and has today approximately 150 members including a core of Doctors, Paramedics, communication experts,  technical personnel experienced in rigging and ropes, as well as cave divers.
Divers can be deployed to rescue people trapped behind sunps, rope specialists for rigging pitches e.g. for stretcher transport and communication experts for contact with the coordination centre outside the cave.
Our members are widely dispersed over southern Germany ensuring fast arrival of an initial team to provide assistance and first aid at the scene of the accident.