Our members take part in a comprehensive training programme for cave rescuers. A basic first aid course is followed by training with various communication devices suitable for underground conditions. Instruction on SRT and pulley systems gives our members the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the technicalities of rescue equipment for use in both vertical and horizontal caves. Practice in rescue in confined spaces combined with various methods of rock treatment to enlarge passages where necessary conclude the programme.


Workshop HRT Übung am Turm
Workshop Höhlenrettungstauchen, Bild: A. Bystrzinski  Ausbildung am Turm, Bild: A. Bystrzinski 

Ausbildung Engstellen Tragentransport
Ausbildung in Engstellen, Bild: S. Damrau Tragentransport, Bild M. Leyk


Ausbildung macht Spass
Ausbildung macht Spass, Bild A. Bystrzinski